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Normal baby wight at birth



Babies have never worried about their weight when they are born. They are more concerned with trying to adapt to the new surroundings. Nevertheless, the weight of a baby defines its health status. A typically healthy baby will have a weight which will range from 2.50 kilograms i.e. 5.50 lbs to 5 kilograms i.e. 11 lbs.


There is a lot of discussion on the above numbers. Lets us try to explore some of them to understand the ideal weight of a baby at birth.FactorsBefore we discuss the weight of the baby at birth, we need to know the factors affecting the weight. There are a number of factors which determines the weight.

Some of them are :

  1. Size of the parents
  2. Duration of the pregnancy
  3. Infant Gender
  4. Factors from the mother’s side, such as race, ethnicity, current and previous pregnancy-related history the parents are big in structure, it’s but natural that the baby will have a similar tendency.

Premature babies tend to be underweight as the development process is not complete. A male baby will be a little heavier than the female baby. It has been noted that boys weigh one hundred grams more than girls at birth. Last but not the least, medical history plays a key role in the growth of the baby during pregnancy, which ultimately hints towards the weight of the baby. Region Wise Baby WeightIt has been noticed that babies born to European parents have a birth weight of 3.50 kilograms i.e. 7.7 lbs. However, babies born from South Asian and Chinese lineage weigh two hundred and forty grams less compared to the European babies.

This is an ideal weight of a baby at birth

This is an ideal weight of a baby at birth

This weight has arrived after a lot of data and analysis, which has resulted in arriving at a number. However, there will always be variations depending on the location, food habits and previous medical history of the mother. re In the developed world there is a slight difference in weight for the newborn baby. The weight will be 7 lbs which are 3.40 Kilo Grams, a bit lesser than the statistics shown in Europe or the US. The difference is mainly because of the ethnicity and a few other factors.


Everyone wanting to have a baby will always wish that their baby is healthy. This is a normal tendency. However one should remember that behind a healthy baby, it’s the role of the parents, families, friends at large which acts as contributing factor to the above.





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