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Normal weight loss after birth


IntroductionIn the age of Instagram and photo-shopping the pressure seems ever more intense on new mothers to lose the weight that they have gained during pregnancy. It should be understood however that a pregnant woman’s body takes time to revert back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

This article seeks to advise how a mother’s body naturally develops post-partum in an attempt to explain the patterns of normal weight loss after birth that women should expect.

Loss of Baby Weight


During a healthy pregnancy, a woman can expect to put on between 25-35lbs. With the carried infant weighing between 5-10 lbs on average, amniotic fluid adding a pound or two, and the placenta weighing a similar amount.

The birthday could instantly see a 15lb weight loss! The rest of the weight gained during pregnancy is a result of an increase in breast size, uterus and blood flow. And it is this weight that is naturally lost after pregnancy at a rate that is influenced by your body’s metabolism.

Differential After-Birth Weight Loss


The circulated pictures of celebrity mothers sporting a six-pack within a month of giving birth sometimes suggest that after-birth weight loss is easy. Armed with a team of personal trainers a return to your pre-pregnancy body shape can only be aided. In reality, there are many proven reasons for losing pregnancy weight at different rates. Your gained pregnancy weight, age, activity levels, and the natural metabolic rate will all impact on how much weight you lose, how quickly.

Impact of Breast-Feeding on Post-Partum Weight


LossBreast-feeding for new mother’s somewhat a double-edged sword in helping weight loss. The production of a plentiful supply of milk to feed new-born burns up to 500 calories a day. This is fabulous for the loss of pounds after your baby’s birth. Breastfeeding has the additional positive of stimulating the release of hormones that help reduce the size of the uterus. Helping you lose inches and additional pounds. However, there are downsides for breastfeeding mums.

To create vital milk your body will naturally crave more calories, which may temper some of the weight loss benefits. However, once the weaning process begins you will feel less hungry, giving a boost to any weight loss regime. Healthy Weight Loss PlansNo matter how anxious you are to get cracking with your weight loss program, no diet is recommended until six weeks after the birth of your child. And even past this point any diet should be discussed with and approved by a healthcare professional, to provide an input into the appropriate amount of calories that you should be in-taking to lose weight in a slow and steady manner.

Benefits from Increased Exercise


Once your body has recovered from the exertions of giving birth moderately increasing your exercise levels will assist your weight loss plans greatly. Not only will a brisk walk burn off the additional pounds but will also provide a vital boost to your mental well-being. The stimulation that your body and mind receive from exercise is a particularly good deterrent to conditions such as post-natal depression. A positive mindset will also allow you to reach your weight loss goals no matter how many minor setbacks that you may encounter on the way.


New mothers are all different and will all lose weight at different speeds. There is certainly no one strategy that will work for everyone. So be patient, and don’t rush into diets that could do your evolving body more bad than good in the precious few weeks after delivery day. Eating nutritious foods, especially when breastfeeding, and incorporating moderate levels of exercise into your daily routine will ensure that weight levels gradually return to where you would like them to be.

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